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Hello Horror Friends,

The year is flying by like a winged demon, and we are already approaching the end of February. I hope you are still on track with your resolutions and goals. I have already fallen off the wagon with my weight loss goals, but I try not to despair. There is time.

On the positive side, I have some great book related news. First, I have updated The Uninvited Words Volume 1 and 2 with brand-new story notes. Here’re the introductory paragraphs to the story notes in Volume 1.

I love behind-the-scenes stuff. I’m the person who watches interviews with actors, directors, artists, bands, and songwriters; watches the extras on DVDs and Blu-rays; reads the author’s note at the end of a collection or a novel. The origin of art is always fascinating, regardless of its form.

Despite the stories having been published before, I hired a developmental editor for this collection. I wanted to make them the best they could be. With no prior experience working with an editor, I paid close attention to his feedback. He advised not to include author’s notes in my debut collection because it would be pretentious, and readers only cared about what already established authors had to say in them.

I disagreed; I still do, but I removed them from the first edition, anyway. After all, he was the editor, the expert in the field. I understand why he suggested deleting them—he wouldn’t have done it himself, so he suggested the same to me. Since then, however, I’ve gained more confidence and changed my mind.

I love to read story notes by other authors. I don’t care whether they are by Stephen King or a brand new author I’ve never heard of before. And I’ve decided to be an independent author because I desire creative freedom and ownership over the books I produce.

So here come my story notes. If you are like me, you’ll be excited to read them, even if I’m new to you. If you don’t enjoy this sort of stuff, just skip them. No hard feelings. You still have the stories themselves, so you won’t lose anything.

From now on, I will be braver, and I will include my notes or thoughts about my stories at the end of my books.

If you are interested in buying the new versions, please follow the links below.



Second, the text for The Uninvited Words Volume 3 is back from my proofreader and ready for publication. I’m currently in the middle of formatting and creating a cover, and I’m aiming to publish it in April. It will include 5 new short stories and a novella that I previously published on its own. I will re-publish its updated version in this volume.

A brief introduction to the stories:

3uphoria v6.1—A Black Mirror style psychological horror piece about two teenagers trying to hack their own brains.

Mr Owl the Mighty—A weird tale of desperation about a nine-year-old boy who lost his legs in an accident. I already shared this story on my blog. Read it HERE.

Starry Nights—Expanded Version—A horror novella about the artistic journey. When obsession merges with insanity, nothing can stand in its way. Not even death.

A Christmas Siren—A Christmas supernatural flash fiction. Also available on my blog. Read it HERE.

Reunion—Another tale from a boy’s perspective, this time in an apocalyptic, vampiric setting.

Bonus Story—Pit of Depression—My first ever story, republished for its 10th anniversary. The terrifying adventures of a washed-up addict.

I will be back in March with a cover reveal and some more news. Until then, raise the chalice of blood high and shout your incantations at the sky, keep well and take care.

S Kovax


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