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Hello Horror Friends,

I hope you are all keeping well and have a steady supply of dark fiction. In case you don’t, release date is almost upon us. The Uninvited Words Volume 3 is waiting in its cage, getting hungrier and more eager to be let out every day.

Today, I will take off the shroud and reveal my creation so that you know what awaits you in mid-April.

Close your eyes; wait a second.

Now. You can look now.

From the back cover:

Come and enter The Uninvited Words Collection. Enter through any story, continue in any order, but beware. Once you are through, there is no coming back. The vortex of horrors will trap you and sentence you to read. Forever.

In the third volume of horror and dark fantasy tales, S Kovax returns with a novella and five short stories. He invites you to an artistic journey in which obsession merges with insanity, a journey that not even death can disrupt. He throws you into a post-apocalyptic, vampire-ridden world through the eyes of a nine-year-old boy. He dares you to look into the future, where every emotion can be engineered through a new tech-drug. And much more. Stories of destiny, despair, and devastation.

Words without invitation, bringing terror and madness as their companions. Invading your mind to reveal a world of shadows where everything is possible. Weird, monstrous, and magical things dwell there, waiting only for you.

Regardless of how it will be received, I am proud of how my creation turned out. The stories in this volume were sometimes devastating to write—I’m not too faint-hearted when it comes to messing with my characters, so I hope all the emotions will come through to you too.

I’m testing how pre-orders work—never done one before, so I’m not sharing the link with you just yet. If it works well, I will set up pre-orders for my future releases.

Thanks for reading. I will keep the chalice raised until the 13th of April when The Uninvited Words Volume 3 will be unleashed on the world, then I will drink the sacrificial blood to conjure good fortune for my book.


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