Starry Nights – A Horror Novella About the Artistic Process

When obsession merges with insanity, nothing can stand in its way. Not even death.

Margo Garabond is a beautiful, rich, world-famous and highly regarded painter. She is also miserable, overindulging in drugs and sex to cope with everyday life and her own fears that she’s missed the mark as a true artist. After a drunken disaster of an exhibition where she severs every tie with her audience, she tries to rekindle her passion by tracing the footsteps of her idol, Vincent Van Gogh, to Arles.

But she’s not the first to do so. Something in the town is swallowing people without a trace.

When she meets aspiring painter Albert, who offers her a dangerous but compelling array of subjects, she quickly finds herself in a whirlwind of love, death, and a nightmarish artistic power threatening her life. Margot must walk the path between madness and genius without falling into the abyss.


“What’s with the mad skills of Hungarian writers?” Priscilla Bettis, author of The Hay Bale

“Excellent horror and symbolism… Gritty, weird, and spooky.” – Fiction on the Web

“Pleasingly chilling with the right mix of modernity, throw-back, and ‘what’s behind the door’ tension.” – Corner Bar Magazine

S KovaxStarry Nights – A Horror Novella About the Artistic Process